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3 Secret

I have a secret. But I can’t tell you.
It involves insanity and death and sex.
The allure of dementia and sleep.
Flying away, than a crash,
And I’m stuck back here again.
Running, morphing, murdering, laughing.
Freeing and leaving.
Rehabilitation and building
With atoms and cells only
To start an internal fire
And soar into the sky.


Wake Up

I dreamed, your hand on my knee and we drove.
Far away from this place and everyone I know
Now it’s just me and you.
A bright sunny day, your lips on my neck,
Flashing eyes, flickering smiles, laughter and kisses.
I want this and I want you.
It’s bad when one needs someone like I need you.
Wake up (and love me).


Herbal potions and
Magic lotions
Brewed by the smart and few
Must be made
In a hidden glade
When the moon is full anew
With the words
Said so bold
To make the liquid bubble
Summon the light
From this dark night
The healing power shall double
He closes his book
While the mixture cooks
Bathing in the light of the moon
He takes off his cloak
The candle he smotes
Smells his brew with a spoon
The potion he gives
The sick one shall live
Make it through the night
Now he must go
Swift as a doe
Out of sight


4 April 2009

i’ve been laying in the dirt under the sun
under the leaves of sprouting plants
dreaming of colors pushing their way out of the green towards the sky
feeling the weight of my body press itself into the ground
like roots going deeper and deeper searching for water
while my soul soared high above my vision
drinking in the sights and sounds and smells of heaven

i’ve been laying here dreaming about you
making love to the moon and the stars
basking in the heat of your touch during the day
and your nightly lullabies that give me peaceful sleep
finding you when my eyes open and feeling my whole world expand
into a living and breathing ball
of dirt and water and air and the fire contained in your eyes

when the rain stops and my lips are cracked like a desert
you bring me water and drop it gently on my face
slowly reviving me pouring your liquid love into me
bringing me to life and setting me free
free to grab your hand and jump into the wind
scattered together and spinning under the sky
above the flowers trapped in a never ending midair dance
whispering secret love songs to each other.


shaken furiously
feathers fanned out
thrown into the wind
blown far and farther away
clouds searing across the sky
over green and fertile land
raindrops hurling splintering
exploding into ink blue lakes
holocaust of collision
multiplied by infinity
gods children dancing with drums
beating blades of waves carried high
high into the sun
burning flaming into existence
riven again and again and again

sunflower fields

Being one, from one, we are one
all descendants from the same
grandmother, grandfather
our color
of a beautiful quilt
spun by great great grandmother
our ancestral rainbow in radiant hues
cinnamon ivory creamy
cayenne colored notes
of music playing
the spiral of life.
One beat one ecstasy, one native soul
blending and pouring
the mouth of life giving breath
giving kisses of life and love
bodies, together in the sand
breathing together
creating together
creating colors from the rainbow,
the sacrosanct rainbow.
It is good
the Creator says
it is so good,
blessings from the sun,
sunflower fields for worship
river, mountain, valley, jungle
celebration of the love children
eternally woven together,
the divine tapestry
in the one temple of adulation,
the Creator says
it is so good.


its pretty
a big empty space
like a canvas
but first you have to find paint

jump in and out of the river
there is no point of this,
the other people say
but it doesn’t matter because the water
covers you and rushes over your body
falling across your skin and muscles in waves
dripping back into the river creating music.