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4 April 2009

i’ve been laying in the dirt under the sun
under the leaves of sprouting plants
dreaming of colors pushing their way out of the green towards the sky
feeling the weight of my body press itself into the ground
like roots going deeper and deeper searching for water
while my soul soared high above my vision
drinking in the sights and sounds and smells of heaven

i’ve been laying here dreaming about you
making love to the moon and the stars
basking in the heat of your touch during the day
and your nightly lullabies that give me peaceful sleep
finding you when my eyes open and feeling my whole world expand
into a living and breathing ball
of dirt and water and air and the fire contained in your eyes

when the rain stops and my lips are cracked like a desert
you bring me water and drop it gently on my face
slowly reviving me pouring your liquid love into me
bringing me to life and setting me free
free to grab your hand and jump into the wind
scattered together and spinning under the sky
above the flowers trapped in a never ending midair dance
whispering secret love songs to each other.

Remember Me

I didn’t know what was going to happen
It took me by surprise
I’d never seen her before
But God must have planned it
She came to my room
She stayed for a while
But the morning left me cold and silent
And I hear voices out my window
But they don’t know it’s me
She looks at me as she passes by
And nobody knows
I know she’s thinking of me
Though she says it’s a lie
My heart tells the truth
It only takes a spark to light a candle
And our fire burned bright
You’re going wasting your time,
There’s nothing left to say
You can fight it all you want to
But when you turn around
You’ll see me standing here forever
You were lost, with me you’re found
I know I’d fulfill your deepest wishes
As you lead me by the hand
Deep into the wild, love can be so blind
And all the fortunes that you make
Never can compare
To the happiness I’d bring you
So I’m still alone
Because you’re still sleeping.