Quiet Garden

He didn’t think that that could have ever been true
The wild orchids not talking anymore –
Guarding their secrets like pearly pools of water.
The first to hear about this was the lily, still waking up covered in dew
She stretched herself open, inhaling living into every grain of her body
Singing to the sun exaltations from his daughter
The dandelions spurned and gossiped among one other
Bobbling yellow heads creating a distraction for the wind
That took the words and spread them through the garden
Indigo butterflies landed on the orchid’s blossom caressing its delicate curves
Spilling sounds and voices and songs


1 Response to “Quiet Garden”

  1. 1 kaitlynnblyth June 16, 2009 at 2:00 am

    this was in your little notebook that i would sneakily pry into and obsess over its beautiful words.

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