What We Have

there is an innate connection between us
me and him
me and her
me and them – the others
though we’ve never met
they say they’re like clips on the soul
markings that scar our hearts
and plague our minds
stories of our lives
beautiful mornings and walking
and living, just living
passing through and in between and under
three words – I Love You
a separation in consuming flames
screaming and crying out
in fine clothes and at parties
smiling but dying in the dark
secret doorways hiding secret pains
bonds growing stronger, blocking out the sunlight
or binding us to heaven’s

There’s just so much
and once you’re so tired of crying
and the mirrors begin to clear
and the silence resumes
god stops laughing
and you just wait
for a spark
for a noise
or for a color
if it’s catching the moments
of searing pain and confusion
that teach you life and death and love
and the unimaginable
becomes attainable


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