September December

Harness his laughter with a spiked rope, laughing old man, shove him into a glass jar for later. A ghost baby, laughing and sucking her thumb, hands you a daisy and giggles. Lets light the park on fire with incense sticks says the apple tree, black against the morning fog.

When the clouds offer you candy, refuse because they want to lure you into the sky and then keep you there. The sun is your only friend, only true friend, even the flowers will lie to you, dirty smelly lies. Do watch the elderly woman feeding the birds, bread crumbs, any park bench will do, bread crumbs for the birds who fight over them greedily. Survival of the fittest remember. Remember remember remember. September December.

Venus’ African lover, leader of a ceremony, drunken procession. Follow the Buddha under to the catacombs where the dandelions grow by the millions, offering their drugs and nighttime services. The ghost baby passes you again with cloud candy, but you know better. You always knew.


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