On Love

Time has passed, and my dream has come true. Over and over I have experienced such a pleasure. Pleasure so immeasurable it numbs my senses and sends my mind vaulting through the very arms of love itself. It’s true. Not many people ever find something like this, but I found it, and I won’t let it go easily. Here is a small excerpt from my secret happiness. But one small thing. I have found that something like love doesn’t really happen easily. The senses can easily be satiated but it is not the same with heart or the soul. The heart cannot reach perfection by itself; it demands blood from someone else. The needs of the soul are too great to meet with the blood from one heart alone. And two hearts are needed to reach this kind of enlightenment. Two hearts stimulated into an alpha state by physical vibrations, metaphysical communication and the kind of joy and stimuli that can only come from love.


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