He loves me.

There was a time when all I wanted was to touch and be touched. I longed for caresses in the dark – slow and calculated, precise and hungry. I wanted to be devoured by kisses, thrown back onto a pillow and shoved into a state of bliss, worked up into madness, my mind clouded by a fog of pleasure.

It doesn’t matter how or where or when we met. It doesn’t matter that we are not the same age. Neither does it matter, as some would like you to believe, that we are the same gender. The soul does not see gender, and in the dark, kisses and caresses are blind to physical organs that distinguish between sexes. The important thing is that we met, our minds became linked together, blood flowed from our hearts through our veins and our hands touched, fingertip to fingertip. We held each other in our eyes – it’s such a beautiful image. Two people, staring at each other in wonder and amazement. Two people that can be so content just staring at one another for hours on end, taking pleasure from each other silently from inches or feet away, each absorbing heat and cleansing vibrations from the other without even touching.

Gradually our bodies fell closer and closer together, our foreheads met, our noses clashed, and his lips slowly closed around mind, sucking my soul from the cells that composed my body. I felt it slide away from me, morphing itself into an object made by God to give and receive pleasure. His strong arms were around me, taking control, and we fell back onto the bed as one, our lips interlocked screaming together in silent ecstasy.

An overload of sensory information caused my nerves to go numb, and when I closed my eyes I was floating above the bed near the ceiling watching, unable to make a sound. I saw something beautiful. Two of God’s perfect creations, made in His own image, pouring their hearts out to each other. I saw my body. I saw my alabaster skin, glowing in the soft light of the room. My arms were wrapped around my lover, gripping his radiant ebony body. I was on my back, he was on his stomach covering me, his back well defined with muscles, flexing with intent, his shoulder blades arched like the waves of the ocean.

With one hand he grabbed my left wrist and brought it to his lips before pinning it on the pillow by my head. Simultaneously he placed his right knee in between mine, forcing my legs apart. The sight of him laying there, exposed, aroused and beautiful sent my floating spirit into silent delight and my consciousness returned to my body where once again I felt his warm lips against mine, his tongue searching the inside my mouth, grazing my teeth, inviting my own tongue to play. I felt his thighs against my legs, his stomach hard against mine, his solid formed shoulders and forearms pressing against me, making me a captive in his arms. I then felt his hard and pulsating manhood against my upper leg, sending shocks of pleasure throughout my body. I realized then that I had become fully aroused and that our bodies were grinding against each other, creating sensational physical vibrations.

He pulled his lips away from mine, covering my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin with kisses. I felt his teeth graze my neck, his tongue against my nipples, I felt him suck on my skin. I took the opportunity to rear my head up and kiss his cheek. This taste is indescribable – at once my nose was filled with his masculine scent and I tasted his skin for myself on the tip of my tongue. I freed my bound hand and ran my fingers up his muscular arm, across his back and rested it on his swelling backside, rising and falling with each thrust he made. His tongue darted briefly across my chest before finding its way back to my mouth. His hands groped my shoulders, moved down my sides, weaved together behind my back, and gripped my ass. He threw my legs up and with a single thrust was deep inside of me. I gasped and brought myself up to meet him, eye to eye. He threw his arms around me again, and there we were – sitting facing each other, him underneath me, our legs splayed out across each other, him inside of me, pulsating, his lips attached to mine in the timeless display of love, affection and passion.

My eyes closed. My lips numbed and things slowed down. Every touch seared my body from his internal heat, his hands ran across my shoulders, up and down my arms, across my back, cradling and holding my head. My hands were all over him as well. I felt his face under my hands, his strong jaw tightening and relaxing with each kiss. His arms, powerful and solid, his smooth and silky skin. I let my head fall back, closing my eyes as waves of pleasure coursed up my spine. All was silent except for our breathing and the occasional oh. He reached back, gripping my buttocks, pushing and pulling me up and down rhythmically on top of him, his fluttering in ecstasy.

Small pearls of sweat were gathering along his forehead, framing his arched brows, slowly sliding down the line of his cheek and onto his chest. His eyes flicked open, catching mine, holding mine. He reached up hooking his hand around my head, drawing me in, pulling me to his lips, and at once our passionate and dreamy sex took a different turn.

I bit down lightly on his tongue. With flaring nostrils, he pushed my chest away from him, grabbing both of my hands in his and threw me onto my back on the bed, pinning me down. He fell on top of me, tearing at my face with his lips. I struggled to escape his hold, but his arms tensed and he only pinned me down tighter. I could feel the point of his dick moving across my own, making its way, preparing to penetrate me again. I lifted my legs and pushed against his chest with both feet, causing him to release my hands. I then reared up and went to shove him onto his back, but he grabbed both of my wrists with one hand, pinning one foot between his legs and one in his other hand.

He was breathing heavy now. He forced me back onto the bed, still holding my arms up above my body. I relaxed my legs, letting my feet rest on his chest. His eyes bore into mine as he began to thrust, slow and deep. You like that don’t you, he said. I closed my eyes and murmured my agreement.

He took my right foot in his hand and slowly lifted it to his lips. He kissed the tips of my toes, the sole, and the heel. His tongue slid up and down the bottom of my foot. Still deep inside of me he softly moaned his pleasure as he began to suck on my toes, one by one, savoring them with his eyes closed.

He released my hands to play with my foot. I immediately began to stroke my own cock, which combined with the sensations of his eight inch tool so far inside of me, sent me into an even deeper ecstasy. I reached up with my other arm, gliding my hand down his chest, farther down, gently playing with his balls, and finally touching the hard, pulsing shaft, sliding in and out. I circled it with my fingers. It obviously turned him on, because he began to fuck me more forcefully.

One last kiss to the bottom of my feet before he threw back both of my legs until my feet were parallel to my head and we were face to face again. I threw my arms around him and pulled his head close enough to kiss his mouth. I moved my hands down his back until I could feel his powerful muscles as he thrusted harder and harder. With each and every thrust his kisses came more and more intense. I opened my eyes and saw his were closed, his eyebrows angled in determination.

Finally he reared his head up, his lips pursed, yet open. His breathing was rapid and his thrusts fewer, yet more forceful. I saw his abs tense and harden, his chest rising and falling until his arms became relaxed, and his face dropped back to mind. I slowly let me feet fall to his sides as he squeezed my left hand in his, kissing my cheek.

I closed my eyes. I can still feel his body draped across me, my hands in his, his lips on my neck, his heart beating against mind, our legs entangled. Our breathing became more and more regular, and he caressed my cheek.

At last he rolled over onto his back, pulling me onto my side, his arm around my shoulders, my head resting on his breast. He kissed my forehead and squeezed my body closer to him. I looked up, caught his eye again, held the gaze. What are you thinking, he asked me.

I don’t know what to say, I replied. He smiled and his brown eyes sparkled back at me. I love you, he said.

So I’ve had my taste of passion, of mind blowing sex, of sleepless nights and of love. It is easy to understand why people do love, and why it both brings together and destroys. But now I have it – and I intend to keep it forever. He told me that he loves me.


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