If you believe
I’ll make you see –
Slowly maybe,
I don’t always have the words
But always in my eyes, behind
My glances and in my touch
Is always the truth that I’ve uncovered,
Nothing to hide from you,
If you can believe
That you can be strong and imagine forever and see
Farther and smile back –
You waited and wanted,
Saw and struck, holding out,
Calling me in. You can sing
To me if you believe,
If you uncover everything –
If you leave it all behind
And I run away
Beyond believe, in each
Others eye, deeper, into forever.

(6 december 2009)



Crying when it’s gone
At a loss, weeping
Over the silence,
Sweeping over the stories
Grasping for the sparks
Above, rasping for more
An expansion, an answer,
A future. Forgetting to be
Sober into the minutes
Over and over breathing
Forgetting, stopping, crying.
(6 december 2009)


a voice faltering surrender
fading into desert sands
fading golden honey brown
forever far away
covers it over
with sands and sands
but one spoken
maybe in the ancient shores
who knows what they thought
spoke felt rush fever shiver touch
believing in memories
of future dream heavens
perfected in romance
and physical relief
and beauty and love and pure
gyrating – plunging
forcing, gaping
invisible threads connecting
a place set aside,

last dance

you can just get up and dance
hand in hand with the master of music
stepping stepping slowly
moving into each other
and out
not a dance of touch of love
examination each other
stepping in and out
piercing questions
here you were
wherever before
catch me over and over and into again
a closer look
before the song ends
you beside me
the rest becomes dimmer
background fading.

6 December ’09

Cultivating mellow lines, pouring color, rich and radiant,
Clock hands spinning and pushing,
Stroking the hours, infusing the brush strokes
Illuminating the stars –
Echoing in streams of music,
Strings gliding and enchanting with each vibration,
Pulling me in, immersing me in its flood,
Cerulean whispers and movements, exploding, expanding –
Growing out of space with growing strength, form and mass,
Filling in, flooding, unfolding, unfurling.

A walk into fertile lands
Under an eternal sun
Extending rays of fingers
Reaching and calling lovers
Into the scents and feelings
Rose washed diffusing greetings
Me beneath green fields
Diamonds ripening at our heels
All crying out for among them
Spreading out forever, the secrets of Heaven.

(6 december 2010)


you’re a monster spreading terror
a shadow blanketing the ground
but you draw me closer
gripping me with your hands
surrounding me with your arms
whispering your desires in my ear
i run into your insanity, your protection
defend me with your golden trident
your cunning and your strength
and i’ll stay here forever
the prince of your dark otherworld.